Creative Arts


Monthly REHEARSALS are about CONNECTING with each other as we GROW together in our UNDERSTANDING of worship and SKILL of hand, enabling us to REACH our community by SERVING others with our gifts, talents and worship. We want to ensure that Creative Arts within the church serve and build cells, celebrations and other ministry areas by supporting themes and sermon series within the local church.

Mel Ralph

Switch Youth

SWITCH is a group of crazy, amazing young people who meet every week to have fun, grow in God and impact the community around them! We believe that the youth of today are not just the leaders of tomorrow, but they are our leaders of today! They have incredible potential to impact the world around them now, if they have the faith and the motivation to do so!

Our gatherings are filled with hang-out time, games, worship, the Word, crazy challenges, tribal wars, adventures on the street and the list goes on! Switch Youth also meets through the week, in cell groups which are held in homes around Sea Point.

Lucy Galant



Pursuing Authentic Manhood


Re-establishing the heart of God in men


Putting God first in everything we do; in family, church, community, social, physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.

As you look at society today you will find a clear deficiency of strong, God loving, male leaders. Whether it’s in the home or the corporate world there is a shortfall of good value based kingdom trendsetters.

At Life Church we took this on and began to challenge our men to have Christ at the centre of all that they do. We believe that if every man has a dynamic, living relationship with Jesus, in other words if they are real Christ followers, then the result will be men with a strong core; hence the name ManCore.
Ps Anthony Liebenberg

Look out for our mancore hangouts.

Bruce McCleland

YA Life - Young Adults

We are a group of young adults (age 18 to 35) from Life Church, Cape Town, from many different walks of life.

We are taking on each year with a plan and purpose. We, as young adults, are taking on the call to share our lives with one another and be UNIFIED as ONE always building each other up in love, remaining humble, gentle and patient.

As we mature in Christ, we are taking on the call to live our lives with a GOD-SET standard, adding value to the church, seeing it grow and being built-up through love. We SUPPORT and live out the vision of our church.

We meet weekly in cell groups and gather sometimes as a larger group.

Email us about connecting in a cell

Megan McCleland


During the every day of life we find the Divine. May we encounter and expect God even in the simple moments that we as women share

Proverbs 31:30 Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.

Romans 10:15  “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!”

Our vision is to see women changed by the power of the gospel through the revelation of His Word and the testimony of others. We also encourage the women of our local house to reach out to their friends, family and work colleagues, so that they too can benefit from the power of the gospel. Weekly we are part of different cell groups, but two or three times a year we gather as a larger group called Divine events.

Divine events bring a diverse group of women together, where they can make friends, encounter God and be equipped for works of service, in order to build the local house of God. Weekly we are part of different cell groups, but two or three times a year we gather as a larger group called Divine events.

Look out for any Divine gatherings or email us to connect in a cell group. 

Ps Desiree Liebenberg