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Anthony Liebenberg is the Apostolic leader of Life Church, Cape Town, where he and his wife Desiree have pastored for over 30 years. Life Church is part of The Assemblies of God Group and has a rich history that leads back to the hippie revival in Cape Town. The Church has always had a strong focus on youth and community transformation. In the late 1990’s the church began to transition to become a cell-based church. In order to see this vision being fulfilled, the leadership had sent Annmaree Jorge, to Mozambique in 1999. This also happened to serve the work of the Assemblies of God and to Church plant in Quelimane. This work was founded on a promise that was given through Isaiah 60:22 “A small one will become a thousand and a small one a Mighty nation”. This lead to a pure cell church plant, which has seen thousands of young men and women being raised up and multiplied to impact their surrounding community and nation, one life at a time.

This consolidated the cell church strategy for ongoing urban Church plants which then took place in Malawi with Jarvis and Catherine Musonda and Zimbabwe with Edson and Talent Bengura. These countries also face tremendous hardships and through the strong disciple making strategy being worked out through cell groups, many lives have been changed, one life at a time.

It became clear however, that there was a tremendous need to reach out to the huge number of orphan and vulnerable children present in the surrounding communities. By using a holistic approach to ministry, ECD’s, schools, clinics and safety homes were established, where the lives of many children could be impacted.

Life Child was therefore established to champion an aspect of the social expression of Life Church in Africa. Life Child exists to reach orphan and vulnerable children and restore communities for generational change. Life Child initiatives are focused on building firm foundations for the education, health, welfare, spiritual development, relationships of children across life phases and focus areas, creating a platform for community transformation for future generations. Life Business has been established to serve Life Child by creating a sustainable future.

Today the work continues to be developed and led through the Apostolic team of Anthony and Desiree Liebenberg together with Esvaldo and Annmaree Jorge and Tammy Hopkins, who have a strong focus on teaching and training. The missional vision of “Therefore Go and make disciples of all the nations” Matt 28:18-20 continues to be central to the vision of Life Church across Africa and to other nations as God so leads.

Life Church Apostolic Leaders.

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